SPX, Subcontracting partnership

B2B Industrial Platform facilitates the internationalisation of Aragonese SMEs through a structured system that enables direct business relationships between the prime contractor and subcontractor with the support of the Confederation of Small and Medium-sized enterprises of Aragon, CEPYME ARAGON, and the Subcontracting and partnership Exchanges (SPX), which belongs to the Industrial Development Organisation, UNIDO. UNIDO is the specialised agency of the United Nations that promotes industrial development for poverty reduction, inclusive globalisation and considers environmental sustainability. UNIDO provides a partnership system and subcontracting exchanges in order to help companies to successfully meet the challenges of globalisation and the emerging opportunities arising from industrial subcontracting. These partnerships and exchanges are established by the SPX network members (Subcontracting and Partnership Exchange) that provide important contacts to create an environment of business opportunities for subcontractors and prime contractors from all over the world In addition, SPXs act as centres for multidisciplinary assistance and information for subcontractors and suppliers in the following fields:
  • Technical support: product design, technology, equipment, and innovation.
  • Quality management, standards and certification.
  • Marketing strategies and analysis including participation in international fairs and business promotion forums.
  • Access to credit, financial facilities and incentives.
  • Management: rehabilitation, financial management, and stock control.
  • Legal advice: legal contracts, codes of conduct, reconciliation or settlement of disputes.
  • Human resource management and training.