• Establishing a structured system that facilitates direct business relations between Aragonese Industrial SMEs with different prime contractors of different emerging and developing countries and the European Single Market.
  • Increasing the internationalisation of the Industrial SMEs and to takes advantage of growth business opportunities from the industrial subcontractors, outsourcing and supplying opportunities in emerging countries and economies in transition and in the Single Market of the European Union.
  • Increasing the Aragonese Industrial SMEs participation in contracts with companies in the leading countries of the European Union, as well as the emerging countries and the economies in transition.
  • Stimulating the generation of the economic activity of the industrial Aragonese SMEs resulting from the access of Aragon to the Single Market and to new emerging markets; also to increase the relationship with the prime contractors through the Industrial Sector Organisations of European Union countries and the Subcontracting Partnership Exchange (SPX) of the Industrial development Organisation (UNIDO).
  • Providing information fostered in the platform environment to the prime contractors. In this way, they can assess the Aragonese companies in completing their production processes.
  • Making a selection of companies in recognition of their business career and their membership of the sectoral industrial organisations.