• Locate business opportunities generated by prime contractors in different countries.
  • Keep informed the integrated Aragonese Industrial SMEs at the B2B Industrial Platform about business opportunities generated by prime contractors from different countries.
  • Manage and develop information originated by the Industrial B2B platform and make it available to the Aragonese Industrial SMEs and prime contractors in different countries.
  • Perform a lobbying action in favour of the Aragonese Industrial SMEs integrated in the Industrial B2B Platform.
  • Build an International platform network, thus, through an industrial directory, enterprises are linked to potential and credible foreign enterprises, which enable them to exchange views and identify new business opportunities.
  • Direct support and specialised assistance provided by the Confederation of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises of Aragon, who facilitates relations and direct contact with the prime contractor with each Aragonese SME.
  • SME Directory with the backing of their Associations and Sectoral Organisations. These offer detailed information about their business activities and contact details.

The purposes of B2B Industrial Platform are:
  • Creating a service system for the small and medium-sized industrial enterprises of Aragon based on an Advanced Telematic System (ATS), specifically developed for this initiative.
  • Providing direct access and connections between the prime contractors and the Aragonese industrial SMEs.
  • Deeping concentration and exploiting business opportunities provided by the business register in which Aragonese industrial companies count with a successful background. With all the advantages and guarantees that this involves, like accessing to top-level logistics.
  • Providing a supplier portfolio which will enable the development of the industrial subcontracting among the major European and international companies.
  • Helping prime contractors to generate better deals for their projects while choosing Aragonese companies (competitiveness, professionalism, and a successful industrial background ensuring a better cost control).